The rise of the smart factory

Can you achieve Industry 4.0 without breaking the bank?

Manufacturing is spear-heading the move towards tech-driven, intelligent business models in search for greater efficiencies and competitive advantage. But achieving the re-imagined, future-proof and smart factory is not easy – nor cheap. 

In our e-book we look at how you can incrementally drive your organisation towards Industry 4.0 without overwhelming upfront investment and how you can quickly realise the benefits.

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of manufacturers struggle with theirsmart factory initiatives.

Download our e–book and discover:

What key factors are driving factories towards digital 
and how these currently impact the industry

What’s holding manufacturers back from moving towards a smart factory model

How to achieve 4.0 the smart way: cost effectively and with immediate benefits

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About Fourpoint.OEE

In an effort to help manufacturers incrementally future-proof their factories, drive efficiencies and retain a competitive edge, the tech team behind Fourpoint.OEE has joined forces with major advisory customers such as Pact Group, one of Australasia’s leading manufacturers, to continually bring in learnings from the factory floor. 

By bringing together technical expertise and on-the-floor knowledge, manufacturers can improve the availability, performance and quality of their manufacturing processes.