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Introducing Fourpoint.OEE. One of the first cloud-based OEE solutions that actually gives you real-time data, so you can pin-point inefficiencies with the right information, right now.

Do any of these issues affect
your manufacturing business?

My data is fragmented

The information I need to run my manufacturing lines efficiently is spread across paper forms and manuals, so optimal decision making is difficult.

I’m locked out of my data

I upgraded to a big OEE solution and now I have a lot of data, but it doesn’t integrate with any of my other systems so I still can’t analyse and get timely insights.

We’re reactive vs proactive

As information is not consolidated and made accessible in a timely manner, I can’t be proactive in optimising my manufacturing processes.

Maximise productivity with the right information,
right now.

Fourpoint.OEE allows you to optimise your operations, by tying your existing tech stack together, across all your machinery, and giving you open access to your data, making it easier to be proactive in your decision making.

1. Get your legacy systems online easily with Omron or your existing sensors, and connect individual pieces of equipment at your own pace, without disrupting production, with the secure OPC UA standard

2. Gain real-the visibility into KPIs on simple, intuitive dashboards to help do predictive maintenance and make proactive decisions across your manufacturing lines.

3. Identify company-wide productivity metrics and focus on lower-yield assets to improve results and agility across the board.

4. Get smarter with easy access to analyse your data thanks to our open data architecture, which integrates with existing tech stack

5. Ongoing optimisation of availability, performance and quality to become more productive and effective.

with the right information, right now.

Fourpoint.OEE enables manufacturers
to optimise their operations, by
bringing OEE real-time data, people,
and processes together so they can
make better decisions, faster.

Unlike other solutions in the market,
Fourpoint.OEE offers:

Integrate old and new

Use your existing sensors (through OPCUA) or connect new Omron sensors for older equipment.

Open and transparent data

Open data platform you can easily integrate with your existing data estate.

Real time OEE monitoring

Real time OEE measurements and insights connected in the cloud

Little upfront costs

No large upfront cost, pay per machine, that's it. (From $500/line/month).

End-to-end approach

No hassle cloud solution that is fully managed for you.

Simple interfaces

View all the right info in simple to understand interfaces, accessible on any device.

We get you up and running
in no time

Discover: We explore your manufacturing processes, systems and business needs and recommend optimisation areas.

Deploy: With a quick one-off setup of sensors or integration of our system, you can start using enhanced monitoring and reporting in days.

Optimise: We continue to manage and optimise our Fourpoint.OEE solution to keep meeting your demands and improve agility and productivity.

About us

One of Australasia’s leading manufacturers joined forces with one of their most innovative tech providers to bring you the best OEE solution. Fourpoint.OEE was created by manufacturers, for manufacturers. It is the solution Pact themselves use to optimise their performance.

With LAB3’s technical expertise, we are able to implement this solution smoothly across any and all manufacturing sites. We also constantly improve the solution based on learnings from the factory floor to help you improve the availability, performance and quality of your manufacturing processes.

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